What does CPR stand for?

We’ve all heard about it but what does CPR actually stand for? CPR stands for CardioPulmonary Resuscitation and is one of the fundamental techniques used in first aid to resuscitate.  It is also one of the most important techniques to get right which is why we put so much importance into our CPR Training courses and CPR refresher courses.

The actual development of the CPR technique originates from back in 1956 when Mr Peter Safar and Mr James Elam developed the mouth-to-mouth technique.  The following year this technique was used in the American Military to resuscitate soldiers. Mouth-to-mouth was used to assist in getting oxygen back to the brain. Flash forward to 1960, the American Heart Foundation took the technique one step further by incorporating chest compressions to get the heart pumping to get more oxygen to the brain.

The initial technique has been varied and modified from it’s initial form but the principal of resuscitation has remained the same with emphasis being on getting oxygen back to the brain to get the body functioning.

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