CPR Awareness for ZUMBA Gold!

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heartsine 360p defibrillator
heartsine 360p defibrillator

First Aid & Emergency’s own Scott Whimpey led a successful CPR Course for the lovely folks at Zumba Gold.

CPR and defibrillator course zumba

“THANK YOU SO MUCH. Scott was amazing!! My group have not stopped commenting about how much they learned today and what a fantastic presenter he is. They felt very comfortable asking questions and role-play. To see how the defib works really put their minds at ease and to be able to have a go on the CPR mannequin was great. Some have never tried it before. Knowledge is power and now I feel more confident that we could do our best if the need arises.

I could not be happier with the outcome.

Thank you all so much.” – Sharon Howlin

Zumba Gold CPR Course April 7, 2019