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Airey Electrical
Airey Electrical

low voltage rescue course airey electricalWe recently had a refresher session with Airey Electrical, where the team revised CPR and low voltage rescue exercises while learning a few new techniques along the way. It’s important to take a refresher course each year, not only to update your certification, but also to keep on top of any new information. The boys at Airey Electrical realise this, they’ve been training with us for 10 years now!

Left: The guys at Airey Electrical had a great time and learnt some life-saving techniques along the way.

Here’s what they had to say about us this year:

“FAAE never disappoints us, we’ve been with them for a decade and every year, we actually use the techniques we learn and Scott always knows how to make it a bit of fun and a laugh at the same time.”

If your workplace needs training in low voltage rescue or CPR, we are more than happy to provide. We do in-house and on-site training and are happy to cater to the needs of any clients. Contact us today for any enquiries or check out the course page for more info.

Airey Electrical Low Voltage Rescue Course October 20, 2017