Terms and Conditions


Physical Requirements

The HLTAID competency standards require a level of physical ability to provide first aid and respond to an emergency situation where there may be risk to life. One requirement of the training package is that you are to be assessed as physically capable of performing uninterrupted CPR for at least 2 minutes on an adult resuscitation manikin placed on the floor and 8 minutes for the advanced units of competency.

Due to the potential risk to health and safety where a nominated first aider, or worker with duty of care, does not have the ability to perform resuscitation and/or first aid to the performance standard it is not appropriate to issue a statement of attainment to students who are physically unable to meet the assessment requirements. FAAE are unable to make adjustments to these requirements even if the qualification is a necessary part of the learner’s employment conditions.

If you feel you will be unable to meet the physical requirements, please contact the office prior to training on 07 5520 5068 to discuss the options available to you.

Booking Cancellations and Refunds


  • A 100% refund is available if a participant cancels a booking a minimum of 48 hours prior to the commencement of training.
  • No refund is available if a cancellation is made within 48 hours of the commencement of training.

Transferring to another course

  • No fees will be incurred if a participant transfers to an alternative date 48 hours prior to the commencement of training.
  • A $20 reschedule fee will be incurred if a participant transfers to an alternative date within 48hours of the commencement of training.

No Show

  • No refund will be offered for a non-attendance to a course.
  • A fee which is 50% of the original booking fee will be incurred if a participant who has no-showed wishes to re-book.

Early departure

  • No refund is available if a participant leaves prior to completing the course/unit of competency. However, if a participant wishes to finalise incomplete units of competency at future course, the original fee can be used as a credit towards that course plus a $20 reschedule fee. This offer is available within a 4 week period from the initial training date.

In the event First Aid Accident & Emergency cancels a face to face course for any reason a full refund of booking fees will be made.  Alternatively, FAAE will transfer the participants booking to another date at no cost to the participant.

Late Arrivals

Please ensure you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start time of your selected course. Unfortunately, any late arrivals will not be accepted into the training session.  This policy applies to both public courses and onsite courses. A $20 reschedule fee will be required to book an alternative date at a public course. The minimum course fee requirements apply to onsite courses.

Statement of Attainment Policy

On successful completion of the required units you will be issued with a Statement of Attainment in the form of a wallet size card. On request, an A4 sized Statement of Attainment will be emailed. Should you prefer an A4 paper Statement of Attainment to be issued an additional fee of $10 (including GST) will apply. A Statement of Attainment cannot be issued without verification of a valid USI (Unique Student Identifier). In most cases where payment has been received and a USI has been verified you will be issued with your wallet card Statement of Attainment on completion of training. Workplace/Onsite training participants will receive a Statement of Attainment within 30 days/or when payment has been received.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

As of 1 January 2015 the Australian Government implemented the Unique Student Identifier (USI) scheme.  The USI creates a personal online record of a learners nationally recognised training. From 1 January 2016 it is compulsory that all participants completing nationally recognised training have a USI. To apply for a USI please click here, all you need is one form of ID e.g. Drivers Licence, Medicare Card, Birth Certificate. The process is simple, quick, no cost to you and you will receive your USI within minutes. Please provide your USI by email prior to training to admin@firstaidae.com.au or phone 07 55205068. PLEASE NOTE A STATEMENT OF ATTAINMENT CANNOT BE ISSUED WITHOUT A VERIFIED USI.


Unfortunately, First Aid Accident & Emergency does not have the facility to allow you to bring your baby and/or children with you to training. We do, however offer flexible training which allows you to split the one-day course over two days. Please call the admin team on 07 55205268 to discuss your options.

If your child/children are over the age of 14 they can complete Nationally Recognised Training provided they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Alternatively, a parent or guardian can authorise for a person who is over the age of 14 to attend training on their own by completing and signing an Under 18 Consent Form.