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Diving and Snorkelling Vessels To Have Mandatory AEDs on Board


In response to a spate of cardiac-related incidents involving recreational diving and snorkelling vessels, the QLD Government handed down legislation in 2018 that stipulates all tourist reef vessels that undertake diving or snorkelling must have a functioning defibrillator onboard. The move brings a sense of security and confidence to tourists and operators alike as defibrillation can […]

Neumann Contractors in training for CPR and First Aid on a job site

Is Your Workplace Heart Safe?

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We recently trained some of our favourite clients Neumann Contractors in CPR at their offices. We have been training Neumann’s for over ten years and are proud to say that we consider them a ‘Heart Safe Workplace.’ What is a Heart Safe Workplace? Heart Safe Workplaces must meet the below critera: At least one AED […]

Heartsine Defibrillator being demonstrated on a patient lying on the floor

Defibs and CPR: They Go Hand in Hand


Chocolate and strawberries. Bread and butter. Salt and pepper. Some things are just made to go together, and such is the case with defibrillators and CPR. Far from being options you need to pick, they are both practices you need to use together to give a patient the best chance of survival. Let’s look at […]

Construction workers perform CPR and call emergency services

Defibrillators for Construction

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The Gold Coast is booming right now in construction, and with all these additional worksites comes the risk of working in medium-high risk environments. We can’t recommend enough that defibrillators should be located onsite at all construction areas. Did you know there’s only a 10 minute window for a patient to be successfully resuscitated with […]

Heartsine Defibrillator being demonstrated on a patient lying on the floor

The Future of Defibrillators is Here

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      First Aid Accident & Emergency are proud to include in our range the brand new Heartsine samaritan defibrillator range. With it’s cutting edge technology, lightweight casing and easy to follow instructions, the Heartsine samaritan just became the new gold standard in AEDs. More than just an AED, the HeartSine samaritan offers integrated […]

Gold Coast medical practice CPR training

Medical Practice CPR Training


  When’s the last time your medical practice did CPR training? Here at First Aid Accident & Emergency,  we specialise in CPR accreditation which we happily deliver in-house or at your practice. You’ll receive great prices on a fast-paced, interactive and fun training session performed by one of our highly praised trainers.   Our medical […]