Should I Carry a Defibrillator in My Caravan?

AEDs for Safer Camping

Are you getting the family ready to go on a camping adventure or gathering your mates for an epic road trip this Spring? If you’re planning on taking the caravan, do you have everything you need to ensure you are prepared for an off-the-grid emergency?

Our team at First Aid Accident & Emergency know how much fun caravaning can be, however, life in the wild, at a caravan park or on the open road has its own set of risks. That is why we believe in promoting that all large recreational vehicles such as caravans and campers be equipped with not only an adequate First Aid kit but also a portable automatic defibrillator.

This advice is not solely for individual caravan owners but also caravan park operators – so much so that the Australian Government has put together a Caravan Park Defibrillator Subsidy Program to help caravan parks obtain a proper automatic defibrillator.

“Around the country each year, over 11 million Australians undertake a caravan and camping trip, with over 90% of these trips occurring in regional Australia. According to the Heart Foundation, over 40% of these people are considered a significant risk of a heart attack as they are aged over 55 years, have a low income and are located in regional Australia. This is in addition to the potential for incidents to occur with children around pools and roads.” – Caravan Industry Association of Australia

Caravan Defibrillator

Which Defibrillator is Best for my Caravan?

At FAAE, we are experts in the operation of Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) and have put together a caravan-specific defibrillator package that is perfectly suited for your next adventure.

Key Features:

  • Portable design with alarmed metal case
  • Comes with 8 year warranty and liability cover
  • TGA approved
  • Comes with our FAAE Patient Prep Kit
  • Includes training resources
  • Includes an AED wall sticker
  • Includes 3x AED wall charts
Caravan Defibrillator Pack - HeartSine Samaritan 360P
defibrillators for caravans

Looking for an AED Training Course?

FAAE is the Gold Coast’s best hands-on, fun CPR and AED training team!

For more information on defibrillators and training courses contact us directly via email or by calling 07 5520 5068.

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