Mechanical CPR and Defibrillator

The Basics

‘Watch how to use Lucas Mechanical CPR and Defibrillator’


Mechanical CPR and Defibrillator

‘Mechanical CPR and a Defibrillator’

We show you how to use the Lucas Mechanical CPR and Defibrillator for extended CPR Care.

Over 30,000 Australian’s suffer a Sudden Cardiac Arrest, some of these situations happen in remote areas.

In this Video, Scott shows how to use the LUCAS Mechanical CPR device in the BLS format in conjunction with application of the CR2 Defibrillator.

LUCAS- Increase your power for advanced resuscitation. Deliver high-performance, continuous chest compressions with less strain, micromanagement, and risk for the caregiver. The LUCAS chest compression system, provides benefits both to the cardiac arrest patient and the resuscitation team.

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