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Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate

Praises our training style in CPR & First Aid

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate

Loves our training and wants everyone to refresh First Aid & CPR

First Aid Accident & Emergency have refreshed the Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate for his CPR and First Aid course this week.

Below is a comment the Mayor himself had to say about our training and the importance of keeping up to date with First Aid, CPR and Defibrillation training:

“I refreshed my First Aid certification this week with Scott Whimpey from First Aid Accident and Emergency.

I did both a refresher on CPR and the first aid course, as you never ever know when you might be called on to save someone at work, out and about in public or at home with a loved one (all of which I’ve personally experienced in the last couple of years!).

I just wanted to give a shout out to Scott, as he is an excellent trainer and is especially passionate about teaching all levels first aid to people from all walks of life”.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate Shares His Love For Our Courses
Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate Shares His Love For Our Courses

Training with a difference: The Mayor continued 

“One thing that sets Scott apart is that during his training he starts exhibiting symptoms of various conditions, getting the participants to act and use the skills he’s already trained, muscle memory! His acting skills are first rate, better than anything from Hollywood IMHO! So much so I worry what would happen if he was really ‘having an attack!’ Scott says “well if I haven’t done a good job in the training then I’ll be the first to suffer!” 👍🤔😷😉” – Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate

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