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The Queensland Government recently amended legislation to ensure Queensland Recreational Snorkeling, Recreational Diving and Recreational Technical Diving businesses carry AED on board or within easy access at all times. In addition, a trained operator must also be onboard at all times.

Please view the updated legislation here.

These changes ensure that victims of sudden cardiac arrest have the absolute best chance of survival in remote areas offshore.

First Aid Accident and Emergency have a wide range of AEDs available for purchase through our online store.

Each purchase also includes customised training videos specific for your industry along with an 8 year warranty and free shipping.

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We are also proud to be the official defibrillator supplier for the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Our clients include Lendlease, The Electrical Safety Office, Parkrun, the Kokoda Challenge Events, Condev and Dreamworld.

Here at First Aid Accident & Emergency, we offer a range of Accredited Courses that are now a National Requirement for marine vessels. All our training is offered via a single day course that is fun and interactive for participants.

You can come to us and book online (our training facility is located in Varsity Lakes) or we can come to you (contact us for availability and pricing).

Onsite Training

HeartSine AED with Cabinet Pack

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