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First Aid

Q. Why is First Aid Important?

First Aid knowledge is extremely valuable for both you the individual and your community as it enables you to assist persons who become injured in the event of an accident or emergency situation until help arrives. First Aid skills can be applied in the home, the workplace or in public locations, thus the more First Aid certified people there are in a community the safer it becomes.

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Q. How long does an Australian First Aid certificate last?

  • Provide first aid is valid for three (3) years from date of issue
  • CPR is valid for twelve (12) months from date of issue. The Australian Resuscitation Council recommends CPR to be renewed every 12 months
  • Provide and emergency first aid response in an education and care setting is valid for three (3) years from the date of issue
  • As of the 1st of January 2014, Low Voltage rescue including CPR is valid for twelve (12) months as stated in the Electrical Safety Act 2002
  • Advance resuscitation is valid for twelve (12) months from date of issue. The Australian Resuscitation Council recommends Advance resuscitation to be renewed every 12 months

Q. How much does a First Aid course cost?

Our 1-day First Aid course (which includes a free First Aid kit) costs $110.00 AUD per person for a standard ticket and $100.00 AUD for a concessional ticket.

Q. What is a USI (Unique Student Identifier)?

The USI is effectively an account or file number made up of letters and numbers which provides you with an online portal in which your vocational education academic outcomes are recorded. This is beneficial when applying for a job, seeking a credit transfer or demonstrating pre-requisites when undertaking further training. For further information on the USI please click here.

Q. Do I have to have a USI (Unique Student Identifier)?

Yes. It is compulsory for all students completing Vocational Education and Training to have a USI. A Statement of Attainment cannot be issue without a verified USI.

Q. How can I get a USI (Unique Student Identifier)?

Applying for a USI is simple and the process is available online and at no cost to you. You can apply for your USI using the USI Registry. All you need to register is one form of ID e.g. Drivers Licence, Medicare Card, Birth Certificate. To create your USI click here. First Aid Accident & Emergency can apply for a USI on your behalf. Please complete the authority form which you can access by clicking here, alternatively please call our friendly administration team on 07 55205068 for assistance.

Q. What is an RTO and what does this mean?

A Registered Training Organisation (RTO)  is a vocational educational organisation which provides nationally recognised training. This means the qualification you obtain is recognised and valid in any state or territory. First Aid Accident & Emergency is a Registered Training Organisation, Provider number #32508.

Q. What level of training is Provide first aid?

Provide first aid formally known as Apply first aid & Senior first aid is Workplace Level 2 first aid.

Q. What are my obligations and requirements as a participant?

  • Inform FAAE of any issues or concerns you may have prior to enrolment, this may include numeracy and literacy, special needs, medical conditions, disabilities or injuries that may affect your performance
  • Wear comfortable appropriate clothing suitable for the practical requirements of the training
  • Complete training and assessment activities within agreed time frames
  • Provide appropriate and accurate personal details
  • Communicate any difficulties with completion of activities or assessment with your trainer

For further details please refer to the participant handbook.

Q. How will I be assessed?

First Aid Accident & Emergency offers a hands on approach to training with progressive assessments throughout the course. Assessments undertaken include: written/oral assessments, practical and role play demonstrations and completion of an incident report form. A combination of these assessment methods will provide the participant with the required skills and knowledge to provide CPR.

Q. What if I do not pass?

The trainer will work with you individually and reassess you. The assessor on the day of training may require you to complete additional learning if you do not have the knowledge or skills to competently complete the course, you will also be given have the opportunity to re-sit the training as many times as necessary within a one (1) month period at no additional charge. For further information please refer to the participant handbook.

Q. Do I need to do complete anything before attending the training?

FAAE highly recommends if a participant has no previous first aid experience that they complete pre-reading of the ABC of First Aid  guide prior to attending the face to face training. We also provide a great range of student resources available to all participants which is accessible 24/7 on our student resource page.

Q. How long will it take to receive my statement?

You will be issued with a Statement of Attainment after successful completion of the required assessments. If you are deemed competent on the day, have pre-paid the course fees and provided your USI prior to attending the training you maybe eligible to receive your statement of attainment on the day, however we reserve the right take up to 10 working days to issue you with a statement. The nationally recognised Statement of Attainment will be issued in the form of a wallet size card. Should you prefer an A4 paper Statement of Attainment to be issued an additional fee of $10 (including GST) would apply.

Q. What are the fees and payment methods?

For general bookings, payment is required in full at time of booking unless otherwise agreed upon. Payment can be made by either Credit Card (MasterCard/Visa) or Direct Debit (please note direct debit funds MUST be received at least 48 hours before the class date). For payment by cash please contact the office on 07 55205068.

Direct debit:
ANZ BSB: 014-544
A/C: 1807 73819
A/C Name: First Aid Accident & Emergency Pty Ltd

Fees                                                                            Course Fee     Student/Concession

Provide first aid (inc CPR) HLTAID003                         $110.00                $100.00

Provide CPR (HLTAID001)                                            $50.00                  $45.00

Education & Care First Aid (HLTAID004)                      $150.00               $140.00

Low Voltage Rescue & Provide  CPR                            $80.00                 $75.00

Asthma  & Anaphylaxis                                                   $80.00                 $75.00

Provide CPR, Asthma & Anaphylaxis                           $100.00                 $95.00

All fees listed above are GST free

Please click here for for onsite fees and bookings (minimum numbers apply). Please contact the office on 07 55205068 or click here and complete the enquiry form and one of our friendly team members will contact you.

Course fees include all training material, no other fees apply.

Q. I need to cancel my booking, can I get a refund?

Please refer to our participant handbook for our fees and cancellation policy by clicking here.

Q. Do you offer on site training?

Yes, FAAE offers on site training for groups (minimum size requirements do apply). Please contact our office on 07 5520 5068 or complete the enquiry form and one of our team members will be in contact with you.

Q. I’ve misplaced my statement, can I order a new one?

Yes you certainly can. If you have misplaced your Statement of Attainment we can re-issue a replacement for a  small fee of $10 (including GST). Requests for a re-issue of a Statement of Attainment must be made in writing to

Low Voltage Rescue and CPR

Q. Who should be trained in Low Voltage Rescue and CPR?

Low Voltage Rescue and CPR certification is designed for electrical workers, spotters and trade assistants that may work on or around energised circuits.

Q. What are the entry requirements for the Low Voltage Rescue and CPR course?

Participants are required to:

  • Have 6 months of job experience within the electrical industry.
  • Be a minimum of 14 years old.
  • If under the age of 18, have a valid consent form from a parent or legal guardian.

Q. What are the physical requirements for the Low Voltage Rescue and CPR course?

Participants must be able to:

  • Perform uninterrupted CPR for 2 minutes.
  • Participate in role-play activities.
  • Participate in practical assessments.
  • Move a patient a minimum of 3 meters (one man drag).

Q. How much does the Low Voltage Rescue and CPR course cost?

The standard price for our Low Voltage Rescue course is $80.00 per person. The Student and Concession price is $75.00 per person.

Q. How long is the certification for Low Voltage Rescue and CPR valid?

Twelve (12) Months.

Q. How long does the Low Voltage Rescue and CPR Course last?

Three (3) Hours.