Motor Vehicle Safety Officers

‘Servicing Electric Vehicles (EV) could expose team members to a life-threatening shock’


Motor Vehicle Safety Officers

‘Servicing Electric Vehicles (EV) could expose team members to a life-threatening shock’

Most motor vehicle companies have developed a range of Electric Vehicles (EV), servicing these electric vehicles may require a ‘LID OFF’ repair or service. Even though an isolator is installed, this situation may cause the service team to be exposed to energised parts and potentially life-threatening voltages.

Here at First Aid Accident & Emergency, we have just supplied Landrover Jaguar with 50 HeartSine 360p Defibrillator packs and currently train electrical contractors a Low Voltage Rescue course.

We specialise in defibrillator packages and service a wide range of Australian clients for AED training, AED’s and first aid kits. We are the trusted Defibrillator supply and partner with GC 2018 Commonwealth Games, Landrover Jaguar, parkrun Australia and over 1000 Australian workplaces .

These Defibrillator packages are specifically designed for the EV service industry, they are tough, have all the specific signage and come with training videos for your team.

“Defibrillators save lives and can increase survival by 80%”

We have two Defibrillator package options for the EV industry.

EV Vehicle Defibrillator Pack Option 1
HeartSine 360P Defibrillator package with alarmed wall cabinet $1999

This is the pack that Landrover Jaguar just purchased from our team of AED experts

The HeartSine 360p AED is the same defibrillator company that Woolworths Australia have just installed.

This is our bestselling EV Vehicle AED package due to being the most durable on the market, with an IP rating of 56 – It’s built tough and can handle wet, hot and is ideally suited to workshop conditions. The 360p is lightweight, compact and easy to use defibrillator that tells the rescuer exactly what to do in an emergency.  This package comes with everything required for a quick set up and installation in your workshop.

HeartSine 360p EV Package Includes:

1 x PAD 360P Defibrillator
1 x Adult PADPAK
1 x Alarmed Wall Cabinet
1 x Casualty Prep Kit
1 x Carry Case
1 x AED Location Sign
1 x CPR Wall Sign
1 x How to use a Defibrillator Wall sign
1 x Free Training Video
1 x Free Delivery
1 x 8 Year Warranty
1 x Customer Support Hotline

EV Vehicle Defibrillator Pack Option 2
Lifepak CR2 Essential EV Vehicle Package with alarmed wall Cabinet $2399

This LIFEPAK CR2 Essential Defibrillator package from the trusted AED supplier for over 1000 Australian workplaces, including the GC 2018 Commonwealth Games and parkrun, First Aid Accident & Emergency are now considered the best Defibrillator package specialists.

The LIFEPAK CR2 Essential defibrillator is a state of the art Defibrillator with features including, child and adult mode, loud – clear voice technology, IP rating of 55 and easy to use visual and audio prompts.

LIFEPAK CR2 Essential EV Vehicle Defibrillator Package includes:

1 x Lifepak CR2 Essential Defibrillator
1 x Soft Shell Carry Case to Protect Device
1 x Metal, Alarmed Wall Cabinet with Strobe Flashing Light, No Need to Hardwire, 9v Battery Included
1 x Patient Prep Kit Includes-Surgical Razor, CPR Mask in Hardcover, Nitrile Gloves, 19cm Universal Sheers, Biological Hazard Bag & Towelette
1 x AED Green A4 Sign
1 x How to use AED A4 Sign
1 x DRSABCD A4 Sign
1 x Training Video
1 x FREE Delivery in Australia
1 x 8 Year Warranty
1 x Customer Support Hotline

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