Having a defibrillator in the workplace or home can mean the difference between life and death.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Heart Attacks kill thousands of Australians every year, having quick access to a Defib can increases survival by up to 80%! 

With years of experience training and advising on Defibrillators, First Aid Accident & Emergency are the trusted defibrillator supplier to parkrun Australia and the 2018 Commonwealth Games. We are a 100% Australian owned Defibrillator specialist.  

Defibrillator packages ready to go

After saving a student’s life with a defibrillator in our First Aid course, we believe in a Defibrillator for every workplace. With over 12 years experience, our team of experts offer the best advice, service and products for your AED needs.

Best Price | 8 Years Service | 5 Star Quality  

Our Defibrillator packages are considered the best value and quality in Australia, offering everything needed to set up your AED in the workplace including a FREE training video for your team, AED signage, Patient prep pack and 8 years advice and service on your AED.

Our Defibrillator saves a life at Mullum Mullum parkrun in 2018

As the defibrillator supplier and training organisation for parkrun Australia, First Aid Accident & Emergency have had success in saving 2 lives in 2018. Brett Orpwood was resuscitated by our defibrillator and the training we provided to the parkrun community.

This is his story:

In December 2017, 2 days before Christmas, Brett Orpwood was running in the Mullum Mullum parkrun event in Victoria with his 8-year-old son, when he collapsed and went into cardiac arrest. Thankfully, our organisation provided a training video on CPR and the use of the new Defib for the parkrun team. The CR PLUS defibrillator had only been supplied by First Aid Accident & Emergency 2 months prior and was used on Brett in the first few minutes, saving his life. Since his near death experience, Brett has been a staunch advocate of defibrillators in sporting communities and events.

Defibrillator used on our student in first aid course

There’s nothing like a real life scenario to test out your first aid skills – our students and qualified First Aid Trainer got exactly that on Thursday 29th October 2016, during a standard First Aid and CPR Training Course at First Aid Accident and Emergency’s Varsity Lakes headquarters.

Forty-six year old sailing club volunteer- Peter Cary was one of the 20 attendees of the FAAE First Aid course, when he suddenly started displaying some typical symptoms of a heart attack. Ironically, this happened during a role-play session in the first aid course where students were practicing their newly acquired First Aid skills on each other.

Quick thinking and access to a workplace defibrillator, saved Peter’s life – This is his story