Kokoda Challenge Blister Prevention

How to Survive The 2019 Kokoda Challenge


It’s an event that sparks a mixture of fear and devotion on the Gold Coast. The monstrous 96km team trek through the Gold Coast hinterland that is The Kokoda Challenge is not your standard endurance event. Teams of 4 not only have to slog it out over the torturous 96km track within a 39 hour […]

Team Nike Hammer at the Kokoda Challenge

First Aid Training for 2018 Kokoda Challenge Gold Coast

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On the 14th of July, the Gold Coast Hinterland will be flooded with entrants participating in the 96 kilometre and 48 kilometre Kokoda Challenge. As is every year, there will be a range of skill levels and motivation amongst participants who endeavor to complete this grueling course. Whilst some are extremely experienced in events such […]

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How are your feet and knees?


How did your blister prevention, foot care and knees go on the Kokoda Challenge? Scott and the team from First Aid Accident & Emergency reported seeing the majority of competitors after the event that used one of these techniques: taping feet, taping knees or using Skin Slick everywhere.   ‘After the massive downpour on Saturday […]

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Kokoda Challenge First Aid

After our Briefing nights, we have had a large amount of participants looking for more information, first aid kits, tape and equipment from Scott Whimpey- from First Aid Accident & Emergency. You can purchase and pick up these items on the Gold Coast, or order the packs and have them delivered, find the strapping tape, […]

Team Condev training for the Kokoda Challenge

FAAE supports the Kokoda Youth Program


The Kokoda Youth Program First Aid Accident & Emergency are proud supporters of local programs on the Gold Coast, this year marks the 10th anniversary the we have supported the Kokoda Youth Program and the Kokoda Challenge. Scott Whimpey, FAAE director, 10 year Kokoda competitor and first aid adviser, visited the Kokoda Youth Program on […]

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Cant wait for The Kokoda Challenge 2017


We can’t wait for the Kokoda Challenge this year, Scott Whimpey, former winner of the challenge and now in Team CONDEV1 will be at the information day to give us some great tips and first aid advice for the event, Scott will also have strapping tape, first aid kits and a huge amount of motivation […]


Kokoda Challenge Nutrition & Hydration Tips

Watch this video to see what Scott Whimpey from First Aid Accident & Emergency and Delina Rahmate from Fit Dimensions Education recommend to eat and drink for the Kokoda Challenge. Both Scott and Delina are from the elite team CONDEV 1 and have finished this challenge every time they have participated, Scott has a winning […]

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The Kokoda Challenge 2017


Tips from Kokoda Challenge expert, Scott Whimpey “Team Condev1”   Scott’s Video Topics: ITB syndrome How to tape your ITB Blister prevention How to tape your feet First aid requirements for the event The Ultimate Kokoda Pack. This pack has everything you need to get you home in the Kokoda Challenge Strapping tape, ideal for ITB […]

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The Kokoda Challenge Review 2016


As an elite competitor in the 2016 Kokoda Challenge with Condev Construction, and usually ‘behind the scenes’ Risk Management for all injuries and incidents for The Challenge, Scott Whimpey debriefs his Challenge and the common mistakes people make that results in them not completing a Kokoda Challenge. Let me start by saying that this year […]

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Training Starts for 2016 Kokoda Challenge Participants


First Aid Accident & Emergency Founder and Director Scott Whimpey has been involved with The Kokoda Challenge for over 9 years and was a past winner with team Nike Hammer, so his experiences in preparation and training, during the event and post event care are invaluable. The Kokoda Challenge is a grueling test of endurance both […]