draculas cabaret gold coast

CPR Training for the Scream Team at Dracula’s!


No, this is not a late Halloween trick! Our head trainer and First Aid Accident & Emergency CEO, Scott Whimpey recently visited the kooky, quirky and down-right freaky staff at the famous Dracula’s Cabaret Restaurant in Broadbeach for their yearly CPR refresher course. Anyone who has visited this fantastic venue knows that anything goes, which […]

Winderoo State School first aid session

FUN First Aid & CPR Training for Schools

Does your school currently have first aid and CPR training? Is it boring, sick of the same old jokes and power point training sessions? Here at First Aid Accident & Emergency, we offer a FUN, interactive session, tailored to school teachers or students. Why use us? CPR in 2 hrs CPR and First Aid in […]

mental health first aid

World Mental Health Day and First Aid

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Many people assume first aid is all about the physical treatment of patients and whilst a large percentage of the skills we teach in our First Aid courses are to do with the body, we do acknowledge the importance of looking after the mind as well. In traumatic situations, the patient’s mental well-being needs to […]

Venomous snake identification chart

Gold Coast on snake alert – the First Aid you need to know


As recently reported in the Gold Coast Bulletin, there has been an alarming and unseasonable increase in the amount of snakes that have been sighted in the Gold Coast area. Due to the sudden heatwave that the South-East received, snakes that would typically not be active until the middle of Summer, are now out in […]

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World Heart Day


First Aid Accident & Emergency and Gold Coast Private Hospital are using tomorrow’s World Heart Day as a timely reminder for the community to educate themselves on the life-saving technique of CPR and the correct use of a Defibrillator. In a new community initiative, Gold Coast Private is offering a complimentary course in cardiopulmonary resuscitation […]

scrub up September with first aid accident and emergency

FAAE Scrub Up for September


As part of the first aid community here on the Gold Coast, the team at First Aid Accident and Emergency are always happy to jump on board when it comes to supporting initiatives to help those in the community who need a bit of extra help. This month, the Gold Coast Hospital Foundation is asking […]

Gold Coast flu season emergency information

When the Flu becomes deadly

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Australia is currently experiencing one of the deadliest strains of the flu virus that the country has witnessed in decades.  A nursing home in Tasmania confirmed that 6 residents had died from influenza following the news that a young father passed away on Father’s Day from the virus. However, it was the recent and tragic […]

Stroke First Aid

Stroke First Aid


What is a Stroke?

A stroke happens when blood flow to part of the brain is blocked by either a clot or a bleed, this is a common medical emergency in the elderly but can also happen to anyone at any time.
Stroke Symptoms – How do you know if someone is having a stroke? Think… F.A.S.T

CPR Training session Gold Coast

Beer First Aid Anyone?

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Carlton United brewery not only produces some of the best beers in the world, they know how to look after their staff and contractors. CUB contracted our service to train staff in the vital skill of Resuscitation and First Aid – here are some pics from the courses over the past weeks. The team building […]

Mayor Tom Tate CPR Trained by Scott Whimpey

Mayor Tate Praises CPR Instructor


The Mayor Tom Tate had his first catch up on Monday with his personal CPR instructor Scott Whimpey, from First Aid Accident & Emergency. Scott and the Mayor met at the council chambers to de-brief after the Mayor’s wife, Ruth Tate, collapsed and had to be resuscitated two weeks ago in a Singapore Airport. The Mayor commended Scott, who […]