Mayor Tate Praises CPR Instructor

Mayor and ScottThe Mayor Tom Tate had his first catch up on Monday with his personal CPR instructor Scott Whimpey, from First Aid Accident & Emergency. Scott and the Mayor met at the council chambers to de-brief after the Mayor’s wife, Ruth Tate, collapsed and had to be resuscitated two weeks ago in a Singapore Airport. The Mayor commended Scott, who personally trained him in first aid and CPR skills earlier in the year.

Mr Mayor said Scott acted out a role play scenario of a heart attack and the practical training session he received was the key to his acting quickly and identifying that his wife needed CPR. The CPR and use of a defibrillator on a patient were all in the training session. Scott and the Mayor also discussed future training for his office and using technology to identify defibrillator locations on the Gold Coast; this critical situation with his wife has now made the Mayor realise the importance of family, first aid training and defibrillators for the people of the Gold Coast, and is asking all workplaces to consider training for team members.

If you would like first aid training or a workplace defibrillator, you can contact Scott’s organisation First Aid Accident & Emergency on 0755205068 or visit

Mayor Tate learns CPR and saves his wife.

First Aid Accident & Emergency director, Scott Whimpey was contacted late last year by the Mayor’s office, the Mayor wanted a specalised CPR and first aid course, tailored specifically for himself and one of his team. The Mayoral office was given FAAE’s details from sources in ‘industry’ that highly recommended Scott and his organisation as the ‘must do course’ on the Gold Coast.

Little did the Mayor know that he would be putting his skills to the ultimate test, saving the life of his own wife after she collapsed from a heart attack in a Singapore airport last week.

Whilst preparing to board a flight to Europe, Lady Ruth Tate collapsed in front of her husband without notice, at Changi Airport, suffering from a massive heart attack or MI. The Mayor went right into action, starting CPR and instructing others to retrieve a defibrillator, using the skills he had recently gained from Scott and his training with First Aid Accident & Emergency.

“The first 10 minutes, or as referred to in the medical industry as the ‘platinum 10’ is critical for a successful resuscitation, Mr Tate has done an amazing job and his actions need to be commended from all accounts,” Scott Whimpey said. “It looks as though he may have achieved the ultimate outcome, saving the life of his wife”.

Scott also said that often first responders are unaware of the importance of correct CPR and the use of a defibrillator, “I use live and interactive scenarios that show first responders what really happens in a heart attack situation, this gives the first aider an overall understanding of the bigger picture”. First Aid Accident & Emergency are in the privileged position of helping first responders act appropriately, our courses get results and this has been proven in this case. Scott’s organisation also resuscitated a student in a CPR class last year on the Gold Coast.        

The Mayor was grateful and thanked all involved soon after the incident, “This is the best thing I have ever learnt” said the Mayor in a personal message to Scott. He was thankful that he had these first aid skills and encouraged all Gold Coasters to follow suit. “Having experienced such a frightening incident such as this, I strongly urge everyone to learn CPR as part of a first aid course.” As quoted by the Gold Coast Bulletin.

We are happy to report that Lady Mayoress Ruth Tate have arrived back on the Gold Coast and is expected to make a good recovery.

This incident is just another example that highlights the importance of having training from an industry leader and how it can help assist in life-threatening situations, even for family members. First Aid Accident & Emergency are a Registered Training Organisation ( RTO32508 ) that offer courses to all industries and have a fantastic reputation. “Our approach towards training helps our students retain the information they have learned,” said Scott Whimpey from First Aid Accident & Emergency.  “We are thankful that Mayor Tom Tate appreciated the importance of learning first aid skills and wish Lady Mayoress Ruth Tate a speedy recovery.”

If you would like any more information about our first aid courses or defibrillators, please contact our head office.

Gold Coast First Aid Mayor Tom Taite

Defibrillator’s delivered to Gold Coast parkrun’s

This Saturday was a special day for Kirra parkrun, not only was it their 5th year anniversary, they also received a new LIFEPAK CR PLUS Defibrillator from Scott Whimpey, director of First Aid Accident & Emergency. Scott got the word that Gavin Mathieson, Gold Coast area manager for parkrun was visiting Kirra, along with Paul Relf from Main Beach parkrun, Divina Hervey from Surfers Paradise parkrun and Kirra parkrun Director, Emma Nicholson. Putting together the defibrillators for parkrun’s on the Gold Coast and presenting them at Kirra’s anniversary run was a very special thing to do, said Scott.

If your organisation is interested in a Defibrillator, First Aid kits or Training, have a look at Scott’s organisation for the best prices and service.

Scott Whimpey Presents Kirra with their new Defibrillator

Scott Whimpey Presents Kirra parkrun with their new Defibrillator

The friendly atmosphere and welcoming mix of runners from all over the southern Gold Coast and Tweed region gives Kirra parkrun a special feel. Scott also decided to have a hit out over the fastest 5km parkrun course on the Gold Coast, I had my work cut out with some fast runners out on the day, I managed to run my fastest time for the year and posted a 17:20 sec 5km. Thanks Kirra for looking after me and all the best with the new Defibrillator, hopefully there is no need to crack it out!

Kirra parkrun's 5th anniversary

Kirra parkrun’s 5th anniversary



Defibrillators for every parkrun



First Aid Accident & Emergency (FAAE) have partnered up with Guy Leech and parkrun for an Australian first.

FAAE have established themselves as a market leader for Workplace Defibrillators by teaming up with the best in the business- Guy Leech, parkrun and Physio Control to deliver an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to every parkrun event in the country, that’s right, the ultimate life saving tool at your local parkrun. That’s a massive undertaking considering there is now over 150 parkrun events in Australia.

First Aid Store

Defibrillators and First Aid Kits Direct to Public

parkrun is a free National, Saturday morning 5 km timed running or jogging event, you can even take your dog, this event is taking the country and the world by storm with over 1 million parkrunners registered worldwide.

Guy Leech teams up with FAAE

FAAE Teams up with Guy Leech

The parkrun partnership started a few years ago when First Aid Accident & Emergency were approached by Tim Oberg after some serious incidents at parkrun events in Australia, these situations were serious enough to think about how we could help the parkrun team deal with possible resuscitation’s and serious emergencies.

A national partnership was formed between parkrun and First Aid Accident & Emergency, this was headed up by Scott Whimpey, a self confessed running addict and parkrunner. “We initially helped out by implemented first aid kits for all parkrun events, but we needed to set the bar higher” said Scott, Director of FAAE.

Defibs4parkrun is a crowd funding initiative that was conceived by parkrun Director – Tim Oberg and his 2IC Renee Gimbert. In 2016 the two went out and on a mission and approached local members of the councils for funding, they also started with crowd funding, aiming to raise funds for the defibrillator dream. Everything started turning into reality late last year with some progress being made, defibrillators were purchased and started to get shipped out to events.

Then FAAE was approached by Guy Leech- a former world iron man champion and an ambassador for Physio Control defibrillators, Guy  had been through a personal experience with a mate on a surf ski that had a SCA (sudden cardiac arrest), despite all attempts being made to resuscitate his mate, Guy was not successful and his mate could not be revived by the champ. Guy immediately looked for the answer and found it in AED’s.

Guy approached Physio Control and struck up a partnership, he wanted to raise awareness about the necessity of defibrillators within the first 10 minutes of someone having a heart attack.

By this stage Tim and Renee were up and running and decided to put the “Dream Team” together, Scott Whimpey and Guy Leech headed up the supply and services required for the Australian parkrun organisation.

“Teaming up with Guy Leech not only helps us promote safety in Australia and especially within the parkrun family, it helps us get the word out about defibrillators, first aid and CPR training and all the key aspects of a successful resuscitation” says Scott

Over 120 defibrillators are now at parkrun events with more to come.

So as a parkrunner, you can now feel a little safer hitting your favourite 5km patch of turf with a parkrun defibrillator ready to go.

Thanks Tim, Renee, Guy and the FAAE team for making the dream a reality.

For more information on Sudden Cardiac Arrests, defibrillators and first aid procedures to perform a successful resuscitation, check our parkrun page.

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First Aid tips for surviving a Heatwave

The Gold Coast is officially in the midst of a heatwave and with the conditions forecast to continue on throughout the weekend, it is important to understand the ‘dangers’ of a heatwave.

With temperatures set to soar and humidity levels getting higher across the next few days, emergency services are advising people in the affected areas of of New South Wales and Queensland to take the proper precautions to prevent any medical issues.

These precautions cover a range of areas in conditions so it’s important to take note and be vigilant in the hot conditions for yourself and your family. The following issues are the main conditions that paramedics are treating and are mostly preventable:


Even if you are working inside in air conditioning, when the temperatures outside get warmer, you still need to make an concerted effort to drink enough water. It is recommended to maintain a healthy level of hydration to drink 2 litres of water a day.  Obviously if you are working outdoors or the outside temperature is extreme, you need to drink more to replace the water your body is losing through heat.

Symptoms: The most common symptoms of dehydration include dizziness, dry mouth, headache and loss of concentration.

Prevention: Take regular water breaks.  If you are working outside, ensure you take regular breaks in the shade and drink lots of water.  If you start to feel light-headed, you will need to sit down and take a longer break ensuring that you are drinking lots of water and taking lots of deep breaths to help restore the the oxygen levels in your body.


The combination of extreme heat and no wind causes air pollution levels to increase which can cause problems for asthma sufferers. Over the past few days Sydney has experienced these conditions resulting in authorities issuing an official warning to those suffering from respiratory conditions.

Symptoms: Asthma sufferers may or may not experience an asthma attack but will experience symptoms that will make them uncomfortable.  When the airways become aggravated, asthma sufferers will usually experience tightening of the muscles around the airways which then results in inflammation and extra mucus production.

Prevention: If you or a family member suffer from asthma it is advised in these hot conditions to keep  indoors and out of the hot air. Ensure medication is being used frequently to stabilize any symptoms before they become too unmanageable.


It is has been a tragic start to 2017 with a record number of drownings happening around Australia over the summer holidays.  Drownings are often preventable but as people now have more access than ever to bodies of water (backyard swimming pools, beaches, public swimming areas, etc) people can often become complacent when it comes to taking the proper safety precautions around water.

Symptoms: Unlike what is depicted in the movies, drowning is a silent killer especially when it comes to children.  This is why supervision, being a confident swimmer and swimming in groups is the best safety precautions you can take.

Prevention: Become water wise! This includes swimming between the flags if swimming at the beach; always have adequate supervision when children are swimming in a backyard pool; do not consume alcohol while swimming; be aware of conditions; do not swim alone and most importantly, learn CPR!

If you are interested in any of our CPR courses or general first aid courses available either on-site or at our training facility, contact us today for more information.

First Aid tips for a heatwave


Near drownings reinforce need for parents to learn CPR

It’s been a busy time for emergency services in the Tropical Northern Queensland city of Cairns over the past week with several near-drownings only days apart from each other.

The drownings involved children under the age of 6, one whom was swimming in a public pool, one who was visiting a local water attraction and another child who was pulled from a backyard swimming pool.

As the temperature rises, the time spent in or around water also increases which is why we all need to be vigilant when it comes to water safety. Children require constant supervision no matter how ‘strong’ a swimmer we think they are.  It only takes 6 centimetres of water and a slight mishap to cause a child to drown so in addition to spending time educating children on the rules of being around the water, it’s also essential for parents and carers to educate themselves on life-saving CPR skills.

At First Aid Accident and Emergency we provide regular in-house CPR courses facilitated by our trained and experienced first aid instructors.

In our CPR Course held at our Varsity Lakes headquarters we cover all elements of CPR including:

  • Legal issues
  • Chain of Survival
  • Awareness of an AED (Defibrillator)
  • DRSABCD of resuscitation
  • Two (2) minutes of uninterrupted CPR
  • Demonstrations and practical scenarios using a manikin
  • Hygiene
  • Choking methods
  • Drowning management

When it comes to water safety it all boils down to being proactive in all aspects including prevention of any incidents.  Whilst accidents still do happen, having the confidence and knowledge to assist any drowning victims and knowing the proper CPR techniques could be the difference between a full recovery or a tragedy.

Contact our head office today to book your place in our next CPR class.




First Aid for Dreamworld Engineering Team

It has been a difficult time for the staff and local community of Dreamworld so when our First Aid Accident and Emergency office received the phone call to facilitate a Low Voltage Rescue and Resuscitation Course for the engineering team, our CEO and chief trainer, Scott Whimpey, took the job on himself.

Knowing First Aid and being confident to administer it when needed has been highlighted in respect to the recent incident that happened at the Gold Coast theme park. It was essential that only the best first aid training was used which is why First Aid Accident and Emergency was contacted to conduct this course.

With over a decades worth of experience in the industry, our team has not only taught First Aid courses but used their skills in real life situations.

The Dreamworld engineering team did a fantastic job and passed with flying colours in their Low Voltage Rescue and Resuscitation Course and we wish them all the best for the year ahead.

If you are interested in our Low Voltage Rescue and Resuscitation Course, contact our Gold Coast based head office today.




CPR Workshops for Gold Coast Mums & Bubs

Being a parent can be a tough job but never more so when you are having to apply first aid to child, particularly CPR. Staying calm and being confident in your CPR skills could be the difference between a successful resuscitation and needing intervention. CPR Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, when done correctly, is one of the most effective life saving techniques to administer if someone has stopped breathing.

At First Aid Accident & Emergency our experienced team, many of which are parents themselves, understand the importance of knowing first aid when it comes to treating children which is why we continue to offer our hugely successful CPR Workshop on the last Friday of every month.

The Mums and Bubs CPR Workshop is held at our Varsity Lakes headquarters and facilitated by one of our experienced First Aid instructors.

If you would like to book a spot, please call our First Aid Accident & Emergency head office today or book online here.

Mums and Bubs First Aid course


Athletes receive first aid training for heart attacks

It was training of a different kind when our chief first aid instructor, Scott Whimpey, attended the Australian Institute of Sport at their Gold Coast Mermaid Waters office. These guys already knew a thing or two about staying healthy and dealing with injuries from sport but things were taken up to another level today when they were shown an onsite emergency simulated Cardiac Arrest.

Understanding the symptoms and treatment for heart attacks is essential for any athlete pushing their body to the limit which is why so many sporting organisations are taking the time to educate their staff and members on the importance of knowing First Aid.

It was a great day with the team at the Australian Institute of Sport all of whom received a gold medal for the first aid workshop today.

If you are a sporting team, venue or organisation and would like more information on the first aid courses we can specifically tailor to your industry, contact our First Aid Accident and Emergency head office today.



Pacific Pines State School students resuscitate First Aid instructor

Usually the one demonstrating CPR, our chief instructor Scott Whimpey was on the receiving end for once at a recent visit to Pacific Pines State High School.

Scott attended the school for a Certificate 3 First Aid session with Year 10 and Year 11 students and experienced first hand how much the students learned in one session.  “No matter what age, first aid is better taught by ‘doing’ rather than reading from a text book.  By giving the students the opportunity to put their knowledge to the test by physically administering first aid can be the difference in them retaining the information for an emergency or forgetting it.” Said Scott after his session had completed.

While at First Aid Accident and Emergency we tailor our courses to specifically suit our clients and their environments, the one thing all of our First Aid classes do have in common is our hands approach through learning by doing.

If your Gold Coast school is interested in facilitating a first aid course for students, please contact our head office today.