Allergic Reaction Treatment

Allergic Reactions: What to Do

Caring for people with severe allergies is important for all the community, with ongoing education and sharing the latest information vital to help keep everyone safe. Allergies are very common in Australia, affecting around 20% of people at some time in their lives. Allergy is also one of the major factors associated with the cause […]

Managing Those Pesky Insect Bites

Summer is (thankfully) almost over but the bugs are still out in force! Being bitten by a mozzie, midgie or ant can be a mild annoyance for some and excruciating pain for others. Prevention is always the best treatment so make sure you lather yourself up with bug spray and surround yourself with a field […]

How to Not Melt into a Puddle over the Next Few Days

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The next few days are set to be a scorcher. 35-38 degrees around the Goldy. Our fingers inch toward the air conditioner remotes just thinking about it. In extreme temperatures, it’s important to know how to look after yourself properly, stay hydrated and keep cool. Young children and the elderly are especially susceptible to heat […]

Kokoda Challenge Blister Prevention

How to Survive The 2019 Kokoda Challenge


It’s an event that sparks a mixture of fear and devotion on the Gold Coast. The monstrous 96km team trek through the Gold Coast hinterland that is The Kokoda Challenge is not your standard endurance event. Teams of 4 not only have to slog it out over the torturous 96km track within a 39 hour […]

Why its a terrible idea to pick up a blue ringed octopus

Why It’s A Terrible Idea To Pick Up A Blue Ringed Octopus

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Over the Australia Day long weekend, a tourist visiting Australia made headlines across the country when they picked up a blue-ringed octopus from the beach. Seemingly not realising the danger they were placing themselves in, the tourist then uploaded a video of the octopus cupped in their hands with the text ‘Such a pretty octopus’ […]

First Aid Training

Why is First Aid So Important?

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It’s the situation you never think will happen to you. Someone goes into cardiac arrest right in front of you, and apart from rushing to the patient, everyone’s next response is to frantically look around at the assembled people hoping someone in the immediate vicinity knows first aid and will swoop in and take control. […]

Small child playing with open bottle of poison pills

Poisonings in Children


Above all things, children are curious. And unfortunately the things they are curious about usually end up in their mouths. Bright colours, items that make funny sounds when you shake them (think pills in a bottle) or even a new item that is not in its usual spot are fascinating to little ones. As a […]


Invasion of the Bluebottles

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would have heard that an alarming number of bluebottles have been infesting South East QLD beaches in numbers that are leaving even veteran lifesavers in shock. Just over the past week, over 13,000 people were stung in QLD, including children. Nearly 1,500 of those were on Gold […]

Christmas Lights wrapped around a man

How Not to Break Yourself on Christmas

Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year with extended family barging into your house, frantically sourcing food for said extended family and a multitude of new presents and toys to play with/trip over. It’s one of the happiest (and stressful) times of the year and it’s the ‘Christmas rush’ that can see […]

Close up of a tiger snake face

Snake Season Has Come Early…

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Even the word ‘snake’ is enough to strike fear into the hearts of many Australians – especially once summer looms and the heat makes snakes more active. However, this is often an irrational fear as more often than not snakes will try and get as far away from you as possible. It’s only when a […]