Heartsine Samaratin 360P Defibrillator

The Defibrillator Popularity Contest Winner

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Having a wide range of defibrillators in our store, sometimes it’s hard to pick a favourite. It’s like telling one of your kids you like them over their siblings. You feel a little guilty, and they all have great qualities but there is just one that consistently stands above the rest… That’s how we feel about […]

wall defib cabinet

Don’t Lock Away Your Defibrillators

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It’s the nightmare scenario you never want to happen. Someone collapses at your place of work. A colleague, a customer or a tradesman. You’ve received CPR training and you know how to use a defibrillator. As someone calls the paramedics, you suddenly realise in your panic-stricken state that you aren’t 100% sure where the defibrillator […]

Construction CPR AED

Defibrillators for Construction

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The Gold Coast is booming right now in construction, and with all these additional worksites comes the risk of working in medium-high risk environments. We can’t recommend enough that defibrillators should be located onsite at all construction areas. Did you know there’s only a 10 minute window for a patient to be successfully resuscitated with […]

First aid workshop for Caravan and camping


First Aid Accident & Emergency provide Caravanning, 4WDriving and touring first aid workshops for Van parks, Camp grounds and clubs. This workshop runs for 90 min and covers the following first aid subjects: Assessing a patient Moving a patient and recovery positions Calling for an ambulance, including assistance in a remote area Managing a heart […]

defibrillators save lives

Defibrillator saves life at Parkrun

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Tanya Barlow was participating in her local Parkrun event when she started to feel slightly dizzy. She sat down to take catch her breath and that was her last memory until she woke up in the care of paramedics.

First Aid Training for 2018 Kokoda Challenge Gold Coast

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On the 14th of July, the Gold Coast Hinterland will be flooded with entrants participating in the 96 kilometre and 48 kilometre Kokoda Challenge. As is every year, there will be a range of skill levels and motivation amongst participants who endeavor to complete this grueling course. Whilst some are extremely experienced in events such […]

influenza first aid tips

Influenza and First Aid


The flu season is here and already hospitals are treating confirmed cases of those suffering from influenza. In regard to influenza, unfortunately there is no quick fix, the virus has to run its course. There are a few first aid tips that can help though.

First Aid Tip - Car Crash

Tip of the Week: Extraction from a Car Crash

Do you know how to help in a car crash? Watch this video for some great tips!     It’s common for first aiders and first responders to get it wrong in a car crash situation. Here are some important tips on the do’s and don’ts when attending a Motor Vehicle accident (MVA). Please remember […]

Agonal Breathing CPR

What You Should Know About Agonal Breathing


What You Should Know About Agonal Breathing Agonal breathing is the medical term for the gasping that people do when they’re struggling to breathe because of cardiac arrest or other serious medical emergencies. The desperate gasping for air is usually a symptom of the heart no longer circulating oxygenated blood, or there is an interruption […]

Jogging and exercise in the Heat


JOGGING AND EXERCISE IN WARMER MONTHS. It’s now coming into summer and getting warmer every day, this means the chances of succumbing to heat exhaustion are higher than ever when you’re out exercising. As a Queenslander and keen runner, Scott Whimpey from First Aid Accident & Emergency explains some of the issues around exercising in […]