Why we Train Electrical Workers in Low Voltage Rescue

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Workers burned by arc flash in switchboards In October 2018, an electrical worker received burns to his hand, neck and face from an arc flash while he was terminating cables running to a switchboard. In September 2018, an electrical worker received burns to his hands when his pliers shorted two phases while attempting to fit a […]

Neumann Contractors Training

Is Your Workplace Heart Safe?

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We recently trained some of our favourite clients Neumann Contractors in CPR at their offices. We have been training Neumann’s for over ten years and are proud to say that we consider them a ‘Heart Safe Workplace.’ What is a Heart Safe Workplace? Heart Safe Workplaces must meet the below critera: At least one AED […]

Construction CPR AED

Defibrillators for Construction

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The Gold Coast is booming right now in construction, and with all these additional worksites comes the risk of working in medium-high risk environments. We can’t recommend enough that defibrillators should be located onsite at all construction areas. Did you know there’s only a 10 minute window for a patient to be successfully resuscitated with […]

Mums and Babies First Aid and CPR


As a parent, it’s vital to be aware how to handle an emergency medical situation with your baby. Burns, choking, cuts and abrasions – these are more common in a household than you think! We also cover more serious scenarios including CPR, drowning, febrile convulsions etc. Our 1 hour workshop is a must-do introduction to […]

Insructor performing CPR

GP and Medical First Aid & CPR


Working in a GP or medical industry office, staff would be used to dealing with patients illnesses and injuries. However, would they know what to do in an emergency situation? It’s so important that all members of a medical office environment can recognise and assist in an emergency situation. The best part is, we can […]


A Quacker of a Story

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Learning First Aid can be vital for emergency situations with friends, family or even strangers. But it can also be extended to assist our ‘other’ family members…

First Aid Training for 2018 Kokoda Challenge Gold Coast

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On the 14th of July, the Gold Coast Hinterland will be flooded with entrants participating in the 96 kilometre and 48 kilometre Kokoda Challenge. As is every year, there will be a range of skill levels and motivation amongst participants who endeavor to complete this grueling course. Whilst some are extremely experienced in events such […]

first aid training high school students

What is the benefit of teaching high school students first aid?


Most high schools in Australia have some sort of Sick Room or First Aid Room to ensure students are looked after if they need first aid attention. However, with many students engaging in different activities, excursions and even with the general increase of students suffering from asthma and allergies, there is a growing demand for […]

Agonal Breathing CPR

What You Should Know About Agonal Breathing


What You Should Know About Agonal Breathing Agonal breathing is the medical term for the gasping that people do when they’re struggling to breathe because of cardiac arrest or other serious medical emergencies. The desperate gasping for air is usually a symptom of the heart no longer circulating oxygenated blood, or there is an interruption […]

Gold Coast medical practice CPR training

Medical Practice CPR Training


  When’s the last time your medical practice did CPR training? Here at First Aid Accident & Emergency,  we specialise in CPR accreditation which we happily deliver in-house or at your practice. You’ll receive great prices on a fast-paced, interactive and fun training session performed by one of our highly praised trainers.   Our medical […]