Construction workers perform CPR and call emergency services

The Good Samaritan Rule


It’s a concern many people have when faced with a situation where they are required to provide CPR. If they are not qualified, and end up hurting the patient, could they be charged? The short answer is no. The Good Samaritan Rule states that someone that comes to the aid of someone else in imminent […]

Man lying on the road having CPR being performed on him

Why You Need to Learn Basic CPR


CPR is one of those things that always sits in the back of your head; you know you probably SHOULD learn it, but you’re just so busy it keeps getting pushed back. ‘Besides,’ you think to yourself, ‘I’ll probably never have to use it.’ Until it happens. The man you see every day at the […]

Baby first aid course Gold Coast


Check out our Baby first aid course Our Baby First Aid and CPR course is one of the best things you can learn to look after your baby, aimed at teaching you the basics of how to manage an infant or toddler in an emergency situation, everyone is welcome including your baby! 60min workshop for […]

First Aid for Common Cuts


Cuts and scrapes are a normal part of life, especially if you have kids! Generally, small cuts and abrasions will heal completely on their own without much help, but there are a few instances where first aid is required. MEDIUM SIZED CUTS It happens to the best of us – slicing a thumb in the […]

AMA Group Gemini First Aid CPR

2019 National First Aid Tour for AMA Group

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As the preferred training provider for the AMA group, First Aid Accident & Emergency recently kicked off our national first aid training roadshow for all the Gemini and RPM repair centres around the country. The first aid and CPR training started in Brisbane in February and headed to ACT, NSW, Victoria and is now scheduled for […]

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FUN $99 First Aid Training | Defibrillator | Kits

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FIRST AID TRAINING SPECIAL $99 First Aid Accident & Emergency are an award winning, First Aid – Registered Training Organisation (RTO32508) We run daily courses on the Gold Coast in: Provide First Aid HLTAID 001 Provide CPR HLTAID 003 Low Voltage Rescue Anaphylaxis and Asthma Provide Advanced first HLTAID 006 Provide and emergency response in […]

First Aid Training

Why is First Aid So Important?

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It’s the situation you never think will happen to you. Someone goes into cardiac arrest right in front of you, and apart from rushing to the patient, everyone’s next response is to frantically look around at the assembled people hoping someone in the immediate vicinity knows first aid and will swoop in and take control. […]

Small child playing with open bottle of poison pills

Poisonings in Children


Above all things, children are curious. And unfortunately the things they are curious about usually end up in their mouths. Bright colours, items that make funny sounds when you shake them (think pills in a bottle) or even a new item that is not in its usual spot are fascinating to little ones. As a […]

2 People performing Workplace First aid and CPR training on CPR dummy

Why we Train Electrical Workers in Low Voltage Rescue

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Workers burned by arc flash in switchboards In October 2018, an electrical worker received burns to his hand, neck and face from an arc flash while he was terminating cables running to a switchboard. In September 2018, an electrical worker received burns to his hands when his pliers shorted two phases while attempting to fit a […]

Neumann Contractors in training for CPR and First Aid on a job site

Is Your Workplace Heart Safe?

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We recently trained some of our favourite clients Neumann Contractors in CPR at their offices. We have been training Neumann’s for over ten years and are proud to say that we consider them a ‘Heart Safe Workplace.’ What is a Heart Safe Workplace? Heart Safe Workplaces must meet the below critera: At least one AED […]