Life on the Road or Sea = Caravan & Marine AED Bundles

Weatherproof and Rugged Defibrillators are ready go!

Warming weather means Caravan and Marine AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) bundles are being towed out the door! Summer is approaching fast so the team at FAAE have put together the perfect Defib Bundles to help keep your outdoor adventures safe.

These handy, portable and easy-to-use AED’s come in tough water-proof carrying cases that are perfect for any on-the-go plans, whether you’re on the road in your caravan or out on the water enjoying the boaty-lifestyle.

Marine & Caravan Defib Bundle 1:

HeartSine 360p Waterproof Defibrillator

This bundle is perfect for keeping outdoors, on the boat or in your vehicle. It’s 100% waterproof carrying case has the highest IP (Ingress Protection- Durability Rating) rating in Australia (IP67). This bundle includes the HeartSine 360 AED with an 8-year warranty, our AED Patient Prep Kit, a monthly AED checklist, a tailored online training video and an AED vehicle signage sticker.

The Defibrillator itself will keep up with you even in the harshest Australian climate with an impressive weather rating of IP56, meaning it can handle direct contact with water and dust.

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*Deals are available for multiple pack purchases – please contact us for more information.

Caravan & Marine Bundle 1
caravan and marine defibrillator pack

Marine & Caravan Defib Bundle 2:

HeartSine 500P Waterproof Defibrillator

This is the very same defibrillator that saved Yellow Wiggle!

The HeartSine 500P Smart Defib Bundle with a waterproof safe carrying case is ideal for untrained responders. It will IMPROVE YOUR CPR by instructing you if your CPR chest compressions are too slow, too fast or not hard enough to be effective. This real-time audio feedback and easy-to-follow visual prompts means better survival outcomes for the patient.

This bundle comes with not only the AED and case, but an alarmed wall-mounted cabinet, an AED Patient Prep Kit, a AED signage sticker for your vehicle, a tailored online training video and a full 8-year warranty and after-sales service.

This defibrillator has an IP rating of 56 which means it can handle direct jets of water and all outdoor weather situations – making it perfect for a caravan park or marine facility where these conditions are prevalent.

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*Deals are available for multiple pack purchases – please contact us for more information.

Marine & Caravan Defib Bundle 3:

LifePak CR2 Connect Defibrillator

The LifePak CR2 AED bundle is perfect for all weather conditions and vehicle storage.

This model of AED has easy-to-understand voice commands (available in 2 languages), visual prompts and an internal analysis and recording system with wireless connectivity to send patient data to First Responders and hospitals. It is even equipped with ‘Child Mode’ for younger patients who require lower energy levels without having to change electrodes.

It comes with an IP67 rated waterproof safe case, AED Patient Prep Kit, and AED sign sticker for your vehicle and an 8 year after-sales service and warranty.

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*Deals are available for multiple pack purchases – please contact us for more information.

Mobile Defibrillator AED Bundle

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