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parkrun defibrillator Saves a Life

Recently our director Scott Whimpey caught up with the team from parkrun Australia to chat all things defibrillators and first responder training. First Aid Accident & Emergency are the defibrillator and training provider for parkrun Australia, “we have focussed on ensuring every parkrun has a defibrillator and training on when to use the life saving […]


The Good Samaritan Rule

It’s a concern many people have when faced with a situation where they are required to provide CPR. If they are not qualified, and end up hurting the patient, could they be charged? The short answer is no. The Good Samaritan Rule states that someone that comes to the aid of someone else in imminent […]

The Great Myth about Nosebleeds

Nosebleeds are one of those annoying life occurrences that are not really a medical emergency but can look quite scary for those not used to them. There are a few misconceptions floating around on how to best manage nosebleeds and we are here to set the record straight! TILT HEAD FORWARD OR BACKWARD? This one […]


Diving and Snorkelling Vessels To Have Mandatory AEDs on Board

In response to a spate of cardiac-related incidents involving recreational diving and snorkelling vessels, the QLD Government handed down legislation in 2018 that stipulates all tourist reef vessels that undertake diving or snorkelling must have a functioning defibrillator onboard. The move brings a sense of security and confidence to tourists and operators alike as defibrillation can […]